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Year 5 - Scholastica

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Teacher - Miss Lockton

Teaching Assistant -  Mrs Purdy

Year 5


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Autumn 2019

Autumn Term Curriculum Overview 2019-2020


This half term we have been concentrating on Creation, Miracles, Baptism and Advent.  As part of the creation unit we read the two Genesis stories and compared them.  The miracles that we looked at included 'Jesus Feeding the Five Thousand', 'The Calming of the Sea' and 'Jesus Healing the Paralyzed Man'.  This unit also took an in-depth look at the Sacrament of the Sick.  Next we learnt about the Baptism of Jesus by his cousin John the Baptist and then the signs and symbols that are related to the Sacrament of Baptism and what it means.  Finally, we started one of the most important parts of the Christian calendar- preparing for the birth of the Messiah.  From the annunciation of Elizabeth, the meaning of the Benedictus prayer to explaining how we prepare for the coming of Jesus.

Virtues and Values

The Virtues and Values for this half term are Learned and Wise

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Spring 2020

Spring Term Curriculum Overview 2019-2020


This half term we will be looking at Christmas, Parables and Sayings of Jesus, Lent and Holy Week.

Virtues and Values

The Virtues and Values for this half term are Compassionate and Loving

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The scripture for this half term is "Here is the Light you will reveal to the nations" Luke 2:32

Summer 2020