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Year 4 - Maryvale 2020-21

Welcome to Maryvale!

Teachers- Mrs Williams and Mrs R. Wood

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Haywood

Year 4

Hello Maryvale.  What a shame we cannot all be together at the moment.  However,  we will be able to see each other every day on our Google Classroom for our live lessons.  Be sure to login every day and we look forward to seeing you then.  

Don't worry if you cannot access the Classroom for the live lesson, it will be recorded for you to view when you can.  Any problems please contact ...

Stay Safe

Mrs Williams and Mrs Wood

If you would like to see what Maryvale got up to during 2019-20 follow this link:

Our Class Timetable


VALUES & VIRTUES- Jesuit Pupil Profile

Please see the links below for extra information about the Values and Virtues that we focus on each half-term.


Each half term we focus on a different scripture reading.  This reading will then be looked at in detail and we learn more about what it means, why it is important and how we can relate it to our lives.

Autumn 1

'In the beginning the Word already existed the Word was with God, and the Word was God' John 1:1



It is a great privilege for our class to be named Maryvale. This Holy place in the Diocese of Birmingham has a special place in our hearts and prayers. A place of training for a vocation of spreading the word of the Lord. Our own former Parish Priest, Father Paul Watson spent many years as director of Maryvale which strengthens and personalises our link with the institute in a most spiritual and special way. Our own class prayer is the Prayer of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which has a special place in daily prayer and collective worship. Our table names are Oscott, Bridgettine, Newman and Sacred Heart which are important names and places linked to Maryvale.

Christmas Nativity 2020

We all hope that you enjoy the performances from each of the classes in KS1 and KS2.Thank you, and Merry Christmas to all.