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Year 3 - Harvington 2019-20

Welcome to Harvington!

Year 3 2019-2020


Miss Foxall is the class teacher and Mrs Haywood is the Teaching Assistant.

A special message from your new year 4 teachers...

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A special message from Father Paul to our First Holy Communion candidates...

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Please pray for Father Paul, as he continues to pray for us.

Join me, Mrs Haywood and your classmates on Google Classrooms every Thursday at 2:30. We can't wait to see you all!




SUM DOG - Competition 5th June-11th June


Well done to everyone who took part in the SUM DOG competition last week! As a class we finished 11th out of 33!! This was down to all your hard efforts! WELL DONE!! We were also the daily winners on Tuesday (9th June) with the highest overall score for the day!


Remember SUM DOG is still available for you to use. Make use of this brilliant app which you can use for math, grammar and spelling. 

We were the daily winner on Sum Dog on 9th June - WELL DONE EVERYONE!!

Support for using Google Classroom for the first time



'Go throughout the whole world and preach the Gospel to all people' Mark 16:15

Learned and Wise Summer Term Two 

Children at St Benedict's are growing to be . . . 

learned, finding God in all things; and wise in the ways they use their learning for the common good.

St Benedict's helps children to grow . . .

by the breadth and depth of the curriculum; by excellence of teaching, and the creation of opportunities to become more learned and wise.

Our God is a Great Big God

I thought I would share one of my favourite hymns with you all.

The Butterfly Song

The Butterfly song is dedicated to you all! You are all amazing!

TT Rock Star Winners 11th-15th May- Well done to everyone who got involved!

Well done Neve fastest time & Rock Star status!
Well done Neve Fastest time and Rock Star status
Well done Joe on your new Rock Status!
Joe's new rock status  'Gigger'
Well done Gracie on your new Rock Status!
Gracie's new rock status  'WannaBe'
Well done Sharna on your new Rock Status!
Sharna's new rock status  'WannaBe'
Improved speed by 20 seconds! Well done Orla
Well done Orla Most improved speed again this week

TT Rock Star WINNERS! 4th -8th May

Neve won fastest Rock Star and Best Rock Status!!
Well done Neve!
Orla.. Well done. Most improved Rock Status!!
Great work Orla!

Summer Term 2020



 Welcome Back Harvington! I know these times are pretty strange, like we said in our message below, but it's now Summer Term already it's true what they say...time flies when you're having funlaugh


We are moving onto our new topic of Transport, this topic will be lots of fun. We are going to create our own vehicles, look at how transport has changed over time and research different modes of transport. In English our book this term is a classic, James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. I know we briefly looked at this when we celebrated Roald Dahl Day but we only got to read a passage... so I'm hoping you will all enjoy it.


In Maths we have a little more work to do on fractions and time then we will move onto properties of shapes and measuring mass and capacity. Science we will be exploring Plants, investigating how plants grow and what they need in order to grow healthy, the functions of the different parts of a plant/flower and the life cycle of a plant/flower. RE we will be exploring Easter in more detail and reading the stories Road to Emmaus and Breakfast on the shore. 


Me and Mrs Haywood would like to remind you all that you are all doing a fantastic job with your home learning and we are so proud. 


You are all superstars! 








Special messages

Message to everyone from Aleksandra
A Message from Oliver, William and Family
Message to St Ben's from Oliver, William & Family

Look at the amazing work we have been doing during the school closure!

Neve creating her own rainbow.
Neve's rainbow
Neve and her sisters doing Joe Wick's workout
Neve and her sisters Easter Bonnets!
Ewa has been learning about fractions!
Ewa created her own math game.
Ewa's poster on Light
Ewa's poster on Stone Age clothing
Ewa drawn her birthday cake
Scarlett wrote a fantastic Stone Age story
Scarlett and her sisters doing shadow drawings
Scarlett craft making with her two sisters
Well done Ashton, what a great story and picture!
Neve and her sister's on Easter Sunday
The Easter Bunny visiting Neve and her family
Neve wrote a letter & made gifts for her neighbour
Neve and her Dad completing the Football quiz
Neve made a Lucky Cat out of LEGO! Well done!
Zuzanna work on How to survive in the Stone Age
Zuzanna Diary entry from Stone Girl point of view
Zuzanna Stone Age Outfit design
Zuzanna Lent craft design
Zuzanna Lent picture
Last Supper picture by Zuzanna
James work on shadows!
James' Non-Chronological report on The Stone Age
Instructions on How to play tig by James
Neve Equivalent Fraction Pizza
Great work Neve!
Aleksandra's Math game poster
Instructions on how to play Aleksandra's math game
Last Supper by Aleksandra
WOW Aleksandra's science - How the eye works
Stone Age clothing poster by Aleksandra
Aleksandra fantastic transport picture!
Noah measuring out ingredients for his cake
Noah playing table football
Noah's great story of being a hunter
Transport poster by James
Reading activities by James
James' fraction pizza!
Marika's fab handwriting
RE Paschal candle by Marika
Fraction pizza by Marika
Marika's work on fractions
Marika's LEGO fractions
Plant labeling by Orla
Fraction house building by Orla
Scarlett's topic work on transport types
Character description by Scarlett
Frankie & his family created a hug for family
LEGO fractions & Frankie
Frankie using LEGO to help with fractions
Nutella filled cakes baked by Frankie
Marika with her work on plants for science
Marika and her work on fun facts about plants
Labeling of a plant by Oliver
William's fab science work on light bulbs
Oliver's fact file on mini beasts
Oliver's work on light for science
Telling the time by Oliver
Plant vocabulary by Oliver
Mini beasts fact file by William
Mini beasts fact file by William 2
William's work on telling the time
William's science work on light and how we see
Scarlett's diary entry from James and Giant Peach
Deer picture by Aleksandra
Aleksandra's Artwork
Jame pictures and labeling of plants
Label of a flower by James
Nadia's brilliant pizza fractions! Well done
Nadia used LEGO to help with fractions
Nadia's transport poster
Oliver's and William's work on fractions
Oliver's work on James and The Giant Peach
Reuben and his dog
Reuben showing us his dance moves on his walk
Reuben says "Hello Harvington!"
Reuben during his daily walk in the woods
Bluebells by Reuben
Buttercups information by Reuben
Flower Boom by Reuben
Reuben's great work on Plants
Great work on fractions by Reuben
Pizza fractions by Reuben
Fraction house by Reuben
William's work on James and Giant Peach
William's work on James and Giant Peach 2
Gracie's fab work on her Timetables all correct!
Camper van made by Oscar out of recycled material
Churros and chocolate dipping sauce made by Oscar
Definitions from James and Giant peach by Oscar
Instructions for 'Green tiny things' by Oscar
Mode of transport colouring by Oscar
Mode of transport key words  by Oscar
Joe completing his fraction house
James and Giant Peach by Joe
Transport poster by Joe Great work!!
Joe having fun in the sun.. water fight!!
Zuzanna's mode of transport model! Well done!
Zuzanna's mode of transport model! Well done! 2
Ashton found a turtle at his mom's work
Ashton is enjoying practical science
 Ashton is growing his own plants - Great job!
Neve's clock she made and time problems- well done
'Trust in you' by Orla Graffiti art work- amazing
Zuzanna's character description of Aunt Spiker
Zuzanna's character description of Aunt Sponge
Zuzanna's character description of James
Dandelion picture by Zuzanna
Zuzanna's Dandelion science work
Diary entry by Zuzanna
Easter symbols by Zuzanna
Zuzanna's follow along fractions to draw a house
Fraction work by Zuzanna
Labeling of the Paschal Candle by Zuzanna- Fab!
Zuzanna made her own Paschal candle
Neve made her own Stone Age house
Neve working on equivalent fractions
The Singh family created their own Easter garden
Modes of transport by Ashton
Dear Diary from James' point of view by Neve
 Diary from James' point of view by Ashton
Parts of a plant by Ashton
Labeling of a plant by Neve
What do plants need to grow? by Neve
Aleksandra science labeling of a plant
Daisy and Dandelion work from Aleksandra
Flowers Aleksandra found
Gracie value and virtue graffiti
 Great reading by William
James and Giant Peach newspaper report Gracie
Joe and fraction house
Joe and his work on plants
Joe and Jacob busy working
Joe busy working on plants work
Leaf drawing by Aleksandra
Oliver and William busy with fractions
Oliver and William getting creative using Tie Dye
Oliver and William playing outside
Oliver busy reading
Researching different plants Aleksandra
Scarlett and her sisters posters to say thank you
Scarlett making posters saying thank you
Scarlett's clock
science work Aleksandra
Tie Dye by William and Oliver
Tie Dye patterns by William and Oliver
William reading
William reading fab!
Dear Diary from James' point of view by William
Marika's home made clock.
Marika's poster on Road Safety
Time problems completed by Marika
Nadia baking - looks yummy!
Nadia's transport road
 Naida creating her road for topic
Neve playing her flute
Neve practising her flute
Neve rainbow cake she made
James and the Gaint peach by James
Similes for James' aunts by James
Chapter 7 vocabulary by James
Chapter 8 vocabulary by James
 Chapter 10 vocabulary by James
Road safety poster by James
Aleksandra Bali painting
Aleksandra colouring tiger
Aleksandra cooking goodies
 Aleksandra cooking
Aleksandra's fraction cooking 2
Aleksandra's fraction cooking 3
Aleksandra's fraction cooking 4
Aleksandra's fraction cooking 5
 Aleksandra's fraction cooking
Dolphine painting by Aleksandra
Oliwia's maths work on time
Oliwia's work on labeling flower
Oliwia's work on functions of a plant
Stone Age houses by Oliwia
Maya's birthday cake
PINATA Neve celebrating Maya birthday
Oliwia's wok about night and day
Gracie made her clock and been practicing time
Great clocks made by Oliver and William
Oliver and William baking
Oliver and William baking 2
Oliver and Williams Easter egg designs
Oliver's handwriting
By Oliver
William maths work
 William's maths work
By William
Great handwriting by William
 Aleksandra and Arthur creating fishing line
Aleksandra and Arthur on a walk
Aleksandra and Arthur on a walk 2
Aleksandra searching for wild life
Fraction pizza by Aleksandra 2
Aleksandra's drawing
Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker by Aleksandra
Description of James by Aleksandra
Fraction pizza by Aleksandra
 Pizza baking by Aleksandra
Frankie explaining pollination process
French body parts by Neve
French months and part of a house by Neve
Neve's maths work well done
paschal candle by Neve
Marika's work on Captain Tom Moore
Marika practicing her handwriting lesson 10
 Aunt Greedy created by Marika
Scarlett parts of a plant
Scarlett what plants need
Frankie LEGO airport
Frankie LEGO airport 2
Frankie LEGO airport 3
Zuzanna and the clock she made
Zuzanna and her sister at the mountains in Poland
Zuzanna at the mountains in Poland
 Zuzanna baking with her sister
Zuzanna helping plant flowers
Zuzanna planting flowers
Zuzanna alternative story
Zuzanna alternative story 2
Zuzanna Aunt Alberta
Zuzanna's Aunt descriptions
Zuzanna's Eloquent and Truthful work
Zuzanna's handwriting
Zuzanna's maths word problems on time
Zuzanna's maths word problems on time 2
Zuzanna's science work on fruit and veg
Zuzann's  story of Green Tiny Things
Zuzanna's maths time table of events
 Neve and her flowering plant life cycle
French colours and pets by Neve
Life cycle of a plant by Reuben
Life of a plant by Reuben
Air port by Reuben
Air port by Reuben 2
Check in area at a air port by Reuben
Airport model Oliver and William
Airport model Oliver and William
Airport model Oliver and William
Airport model Oliver and William
Ashtons work
Captain Tom Moore by Oliver
Captain Tom Moore by William
Captain Tom Moore 2 by William
Captain Tom Moore by Oliver
Captain Tom Moore by William
 Life size creature by James
Map of an airport by Oliver and William
Map of an airport by Oliver and William
Reasons for and against James going in the peach
The life of a flower by Oliver and William
What a peach tastes like by James
What happens in an airport by William
Joe on google classrooms
 Joe and Amber working together
Joe VE celebrations flag painting
Joe VE celebrations flag painting
Neve and Ava played the draw the plant game
Neve flowers she planted at start of lockdown
Neve maths work
Neve maths work
VE bunting at the Singh household
VE Lunch with the Singh family
Captain Tom Moore by Neve.
Character description of Aunt Spiker by Oliwia
Character description of Aunt Sponge by Oliwia
Character description of James by Oliwia
Neve reading James and The Giant Peach.
Neve with her TT Rock Star badge mom brought.
Plant classification by Neve
Rosary beads by Scarlett for Month of Mary
Zuzanna transport air port poster
Oliwia fraction house
Oliwia math mental challenge
Oliwia math mental challenge 2
Oliwia pizza fractions
Oliwia's transport poster
Zuzanna airport features
zuzanna's definitions from James and The Giant Peac
 Zuzanna's work on James and centipede
zuzanna's maths peach
Zuzanna's story of  meeting life size insect.
Zuzanna's week 3 maths work
Zuzanna's week 3 maths work 2
Zuzanna's week 3 maths work  3
Zuzanna's science work pollination
James keeping fit
James keeping fit
James newspaper report on peach rolling away
James spelling and handwriting
Jame's baking something yummy..
Oliver's  fractions and James and Giant Peach poem
Oliver plant classification
Oliver plant classification 2
Oliver VE day and fraction
Oliver VE Day celebration poster
Oliver's VE Day quiz and fractions
Oliver's VE Day quiz
Oliver's poem of James and Giant The Peach
William plant classification
William plant classification 2
William plant classification 3
 Aleksandra's art work
Aleksandra's rainbow hands
Aleksandra's VE day bunting
Aleksandra's life cycle of a plant
Scarlett making her own ice pops
Scarlett making her own smoothie
Scarlett's new book cover for James and The Giant
Scarlett's poster - James and The Giant Peach
Zuzanna's diary entry Aunt Sponge
Zuzanna's handwriting week 5
Zuzanna's math  week 5
Zuzanna's math 2 week 5.
Zuzanna's math 3 week 5.
Zuzanna's math 4 week 5.
Zuzanna's math 5 week 5.
Zuzanna's math 6  week 5.
 Zuzanna's newspaper report on the  rolling peach
Zuzanna's poem James and The Giant Peach
Zuzanna's RE scripture God who speaks
Zuzanna's VE Day food
James' art work of the peach
James' blurb rewritten
James' favourite part of the story
James' front cover for James and The Giant Peach
Marika holo hooping
Marika skipping keeping active
Marika working hard in the sun
Marika's James and The Giant Peach
Marika different forms of transport
Marika transport poster
Marika's Poster for James and The Giant Peach
 Neve 8 times tables
 Neve 8 times tables- Well done
Neve plant experiment with her sister
Neve's french weather work
Oliver Bee hunt
Oliver celebrated National Bee week
Oliver facts about Bees
 Oliver's body parts of a Bee
Oliver's James and Giant Peach poster
Oliver's sentences using commas
Scarlett what I love piece of writing
William art design
William's body part of a Bee
William's facts about Bees
William's James and The Giant Peach poster
William's picture of a Bee in the garden
William's picture of a Bee in the garden
William's sentences using commas
Williams word search for National Bee Week
Oliver's animal flow chart
 William's flow chat of animals
James' answers to James and The Giant Peach
James' description of cloud men
James handwriting
James maths addition
James' timeline of James and The Giant Peach
Neve created her own worry monster
Neve found a bird's nest in her bark
Neve's caterpillars
Neve's french work on Little Red Riding Hood
Neve's music award well done!
Neve's plant experiement
Neve's fraction work
Oliver's work on  plant life
Oliver transport through the ages
Oliver's transport model LEGO.
Oliver's transport through the ages 2
 William and Oliver's pizza
William's work on  build a word.
William''s work on  parts of a plant
 William's LEGO transport
Oliwia's cloud men description 2
Oliwia's cloud men description
Oliwia's James and The Giant Peach poster
Oliwia's new aunt for James
Scarlett's super hero
Oliwia's life of a plant work
Neve taking part in the PE Tennis competition
Aleksandra's paint drawing.
James and The Gaint Peach house by Aleksandra
Defintions by James
James' post card 2
James math activity
James math activity 2
James' post card
Oliver found frogs in his garden
Oliver handwriting
 Oliver how many sides? activity
Filename: Oliver I am me
Oliver James and Giant Peach post card
Oliver's post card 2
Oliver Roald Dahl books
Oliver Roald Dahl non chronological report
Oliver timestables
 William doubles math work
William handwriting
William I am me activity
William James and The Giant Peach postcard
William playing football
William's  list of Roald Dahl books
William's timestables
William's James and The Giant Peach postcard 2
William's non chronological report on Roald Dahl
Marika crown
Marika information at Roald Dahl .
Marika label of a bike
 Marika Mary poster
Marika post card for James
Marika ticket transport
Marika worry monster
Sofia ship signal - Be Happy.
William ship signals topic
William verb 24 2
William verb 24
Oliver boat signal topic.
Oliver verb
Oliver verb 2
Oliver 2D shapes
Scarlett create a video game challenge
 Scarlett doing pot of gold
Scarlett match the french colours
Scarlett PE challenge
Scarlett simile and metaphor.
Scarlett twister challenge
Scarlett twister challenge
Ewa Amazing Giant peach
Ewa answers to questions on James and The Giant Pe
 Ewa describing the peach rolling away
Ewa facts about plant
Ewa for and against James going inside the peach
Ewa fraction house
Ewa fraction work
Ewa home in stone age
Ewa key points from James and The Giant Peach
Ewa LEGO fractions
Ewa LEGO fractions
Ewa picture of Sir Tom More
Ewa plants
Ewa poem on James and The Giant Peach
Ewa' post card
Ewa road safety picture
Ewa science work on plants
Ewa ticket for transport
Ewa vocabulary James and The Giant Peach 2
Ewa vocabulary James and The Giant Peach
Ewa water melon
Ewa what a peach taste like
Ewa work on chapter 17 of James and The Giant Peac
Ewa work on James and The Giant Peach
Ewa writing on James and The Giant Peach
Ewa's book cover for James' and The Giant Peach
Ewa's description of cloud men
Ewa's description of James
Ewa's picture of James and The Giant Peach
Ewa's postcard from James' point of view
Ewa's transport poster
Ewa paper airplane
Ewa clock homemade
Ewa family tree
Ewa front cover for her family
 Ewa information about herself
Ewa interview with Dad
 Ewa plants
Ewa shelter
Ewa sister Julia
Ewa stem challenge paper plane
Ewa topic work
Oliver hand print
Oliver right angle and nouns
 Oliver right angle
 Oliver time capsule
Oliver verbs and nouns
Oliver verbs
William hand print.
William nouns
William right angles
William spelling verbs
William time capsule.

Topic - Transport models

School Closure





We hope you are staying at home and being safe. Thank you for all your pictures so far of all the wonderful work you have been doing. It's lovely to see you are all working hard even though it feels a little strange. It has been great to talk to you and your parents on the phone, as always you all put a smile on our faces. 


If you would like to share your work with your friends then please email us a picture and we can pop it on the website. It would be lovely for the class to see what you have been up too!


We are missing school and being in the classroom with you all but it is important you all stay home and be safe. 


Take care,


Miss Foxall & Mrs Haywood 





Eloquent and Truthful Summer Term One

Children at St Benedict's are growing to be . . . 

Eloquent and Truthful in what they say of themselves, the relations between people, and the world.

St Benedict's helps children to grow . . .

by developing an eloquent language which pupils can use to understand and articulate their emotions, beliefs, and questions, encouraged by the example of their teachers to be truthful in the way they represent themselves and speak about the world.

‘These have been written in order that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God’ John 20:31

Virtue and Value Graffiti

By Gracie
By Orla

 Faith-filled and Hopeful Spring Two 


Children at St Benedict's are growing to be . . . 

faith-filled in their beliefs and hopeful for the future. 

St Benedict's helps children to grow . . .

by passing on the living and faith-filled tradition of Jesus Christ; by having persevering faith in the pupils, and by encouraging them, in turn, to have faith and hope in others.




This half term we move onto exploring The Stone Age in our topic with a focus on the story 'The Stone Age Boy' in English. We will explore Light in science as well as statistics, measurement and fractions in or math lessons. RE will cover Lent and Holy Week.

"I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me as you have said" Luke 1::38

Key dates for Harvington class:


Monday 17th February- Friday 21st February - Half Term.

Monday 24th February- Back to School. 

Tuesday 25th February- Atherstone Ball Game & Pancake day smiley (children can be collected @2:30pm)

Thursday 27th February- Reconciliation and Communion Parent Meeting @6:30pm

Monday 2nd March- KS2 Dance performance Assembly 

Friday 6th March - World Book Day Non school uniform - dress as your favourite BOOK character!

Monday 9th March - Friday 13th March - Assessment Week

Friday 13th March - First Reconciliation @ St Benedict's Church 6:30pm

Thursday 19th March- Mother's Day Afternoon (All Mothers Welcome) @2:30-3:15pm

Sunday 22nd March - Family Mass at St Benedict's Church @ 9:30am (All welcome)

Wednesday 25th March - Parents Evening @ 2pm-7pm

Tuesday 31st March - Stay and Pray @ 2:15pm 

Wednesday 1st April - Stations of the cross (Y3 & Y4) @9:15AM

Thursday 2nd April - Wear something blue ASD awareness, Easter Bonnet Parade @2:30pm, break up for Easter!

Friday 3rd April - INSET Day 

Thursday 2nd April - Friday 19th April - Half Term

Monday 20th April - Back to school





World Book Day

Workshop from Dog Trust - How to be responsible dog owners.

Atherstone Ball Game

Power Week Activities

We had lots of fun during power week exploring more on our topic China! We made our own Chinese fans, 3D fortune cats and spiral Chinese dragons. We also had an opportunity to taste different Chinese food (some of us even used chopped sticks!) and wrote our own food review. We worked in pairs to plan and type our own newspaper reports on Chinese New Year and in math's had to crack the Chinese secret codes by working out different calculations. smiley


Our RE during power week was thinking about the sacrament of reconciliation. We took part in role play taking on the part of the priest and also the person receiving the sacrament. We explored the idea of the 'Examination of Conscience'.

 Not forgetting all the fun we had in our PE lesson. We spent the lessons practicing our circus performance ready for our parents to come and watch us after half term!



The scripture this half term is “Here is the light you will reveal to the nations” Luke 2:32.

Meditation - Praying in Colour

Why Pray in Colour?

1) You want to pray but words escape you. 2) Sitting still and staying focused in prayer are a challenge. 3) Your body wants to be part of your prayer. 4) You want to just hang out with God but don’t know how. 5) Listening to God feels like an impossible task . 6) Your mind wanders and your body complains. 7) You want a visual, concrete way to pray.
8) You Need a new way to pray.

Collective worship -"Here is the light you will reveal to all nations" Luke 2:32

The children thought about the following questions;

- What is your light?

- Who is your light?

- How will you spread the light to others?




Compassionate and Loving Spring One 2020


Children at St Benedict's are growing to be ...

Compassionate towards others, near and far, especially the less fortunate; and loving by their just actions and forgiving words.

St Benedict's helps children to grow ...

By being compassionate and loving in the way children are treated, especially when a child is in trouble; and by opening eyes of children to those who suffer poverty, injustice or violence.

Children have made a great start back after the Half Term.  We are busy learning all about China for our new Topic.  Animals including humans in Science and in literacy we are focusing on different myths and legends with particular focus on the story 'The willow pattern story'.

During the first week back we looked at the book 'We're all wonders' exploring the message of the book and how it links to this terms virtues of compassionate and loving. We created our own Sprinkle with kindness donuts and Art work with key word and actions that show not only kindness but compassion and love. 


Topic - China

We have been very busy in our topic lessons these past few weeks. Not only have we been doing lots of fantastic writing about Chinese New Year but we have also researched about many topics about China. We created our own class book which we will add more to at the end of our learning. Below you can see pictures of us creating our own Chinese drums! We learnt that in Ancient China drums were used to communicate. 

PE- Circus Gymnastics

During PE this term we have been developing our gymnastic skills. We have focused on different balances, forward rolls and using equipment such as hoops and ribbons.  

Attentive and Discerning Autumn Two 2019 

Children at St Benedict's are growing to be ...

Attentive to their experience and to their vocation; and discerning about the choices they make and the effects of those choices.

St Benedict's helps children to grow ...

By promoting the practice of attentive reflection and discerning decision making: in teaching, prayer and retreats; and through the practice and example of school staff.


Grateful and Generous Autumn One 2019

Children at St Benedict's are growing to be ...

Grateful for their own gifts, for the gift of other people, and for the blessings of each day; and generous with their gifts, becoming men and women for others.

St Benedict's helps children to grow ...

By encouraging them to know and be grateful for all their gifts, developing them to the full so that they can be generous in the service of others.