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Year 1 - Aston 2019-20

Welcome to Aston Class 2019-20

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Miss Davies is our Class Teacher

Mrs Tibbitts is our Teaching Assistant



In Love we learn  

Faith we grow

A special message from your new year 2 teacher...

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Mrs Argyle your new teaching assistant

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Welcome back Year 1...

Curriculum Overview Summer

HOME LEARNING 14- Summer 2 Week 7

HOME LEARNING 12 - Summer 2 Week 5

HOME LEARNING 11 - Summer 2 Week 4


HOME LEARNING WEEK 9 - Summer 2 Week 2

HOME LEARNING WEEK 8 - Summer 2 Week 1

May Half Term Home Learning ideas...



HOME LEARNING 5 - Summer Week 3

HOME LEARNING 4 - Summer 1 Week 2

Support for using Goggle Classroom for the first time.




Fun Easter Activities...



Our Virtues and Vales for this half term are Eloquent and Truthful.


Eloquent: the ability to speak or write fluently, persuasively and appropriately. We are eloquent when we use language to express our ideas or opinions clearly and with conviction. When we choose our words, we should do so carefully so they are kind and compassionate, and don’t hurt others. Eloquence isn’t limited to speaking and writing. We can express ourselves in other ways like music, drama, painting or dance. We should use our creative gifts to say things in a way that is interesting, truthful, memorable and faithful.


Truthful: God wants us to be truthful in all we do. Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’, so being honest and truthful means we are following in his footsteps and living life the way God wants us to. Being truthful is being faithful to ourselves and to Jesus. We should stand up for the truth.

Scripture for this half term is ‘These have been written in order that you may believe that Jesus is he Messiah, the Son of God’ John 20:31

What have Aston been doing during their home learning?

Here are some fabulous pictures of what children in Aston class have been doing!

Easter Bonnets laugh


Henry has been busy using his Lego to make lots of Space related things!




Emily has been busy in Maths filling cups (full, half full, almost full, empty). She has also been planting in Science!




Bobby has been busy in English, he has even wrote his own joke book!



Sophie has been busy doing her Times Tables Rockstars and practicing some big maths questions! She has also drawn a rainbow and been on a lovely walk.




Sienna has been busy using chalk outside to do some adding and turning her daily walk into a spring hunt!




Daisy has been drawing some lovely pictures!




Conor has baked a Victorian Sponge Cake linking to our Maths where we have been weighing! Staying on the theme of Maths Conor has also filled cups for measuring.





Dax has been busy weighing, joining in with Joe Wicks PE, making a list and working with his big sister too.





Rosie has been busy planting and watching vegetables grow, weighing in Maths and making cakes, colouring using addition, reading books and practicing spelling the days of the week and got 5/5 - Great work!





JJ has been busy doing lots of work and built a Space rocket using junk modeling.




Henry and Jessica has been busy doing lots of baking during their home learning!




Carter has been busy doing his Maths!




Milosz has been busy writing a beautiful prayer! He has also been busy in Maths too!





Vinny has been busy doing his times tables, addition and writing!





Alex has been joining in with Joe Wicks PE, busy using lego and also planting!





The Virtues and Values for this half term are Compassionate and Loving.

Compassionate towards others, near and far, especially the less fortunate; and Loving by their just actions and forgiving words. 

Scripture for this half term is ‘Here is the Light you will reveal to the nations’ Luke 2:32

In R.E this term, we are learning about ‘Christmas’. This unit will develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus and the importance of this through the events that happened before and after, and the impact it had on the people involved.

We will also be learning about 'Jesus: Teacher & Healer'. This unit will develop the children's knowledge and understanding of the person of Jesus and his ministry as a teacher and healer.

Our Topic is 'A Journey Through Europe'

We will be looking at the countries in Europe and also the transport we can take to get to Europe and also around Europe.

By the end of this unit children will know...

  • Where Europe is in the world and the countries that belong to the continent.
  • The different countries in Europe such as flags, languages spoken and famous landmarks.
  • Different modes of transport that can be used to travel to Europe.
  • The importance of identity and how we use passports to travel outside of our own country and culture.
  • Facts about different tourist holiday destinations in Europe and present findings in a postcard.
  • The work of Claude Monet. They will create some of their own interpretations of his work.
  • Traditional songs from the different countries visited on our journey around Europe

Key dates for Aston class:


Monday 27th January - School Closed INSET day.

Thursday 6th February - Year 1 Phonics Parents Workshop - Phonics Screening

Monday 10th February - Friday 14th February - Power week.

Friday 14th February @  2:15-3:15pm - Curriculum Open Hour.

Monday 17th February- Friday 21st February - Half Term.

Monday 24th February- Back to School

Year 1 Spring Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Autumn Curriculum Overview...


In R.E this term, we are learning about ‘Creation’. This unit will develop the children’s appreciation of themselves and the world around them as part of God’s Creation. The children will be sequencing the story of Creation and reflecting on the need to thank and praise God for his many gifts.

We are also learning about 'Families & Celebrations'. In this unit we will be developing the children's knowledge and understanding of what it means to belong to, and celebrate as, a family. The unit will focus on the Mass, the stories of the Presentation and Finding of Jesus in the Temple and the Wedding Feast at Cana as important celebrations in the life of the Church and Jesus.

Our Virtues and Values:

The Virtues and Values for this half term are Grateful and Generous.

Grateful for their own gifts, for the gift of other people, and for the blessings of each day; and generous with their gifts, now and in the future.

Our topic:

Our current topic is 'Toys'. In topic we are looking at current toys and also toys from the past. We will be sorting toys into different groups, talking about our favourite toys and comparing past and present toys. We will also be making some of our own toys!


Your child’s reading book will be sent home daily and please return it every day in order for us to hear your child read in school. Reading books will be changed once your child has read their book and we feel that they are ready for a new one. Home reading makes a huge difference to your child's reading and supports their understanding and learning. By listening to your child read one or two pages a day, will support their ability to read and develop significantly. Please remember to sign their reading diary each time you hear them read as this will help us to identify when they are ready for a new book. 


The children's homework will be stuck in their homework book and handed out every Friday. Their homework will then be collected back in on the following Wednesday (or earlier if it is done). Please ensure you sign each section to say your child has completed the talk about, read about and write about sections.



Can you please ensure that every item of your child’s school uniform including book bag, PE bag, tie, coat and water bottle are clearly labelled as this will help to identify their clothing if an item gets lost. Please also ensure your child brings their water bottle to school every day. 

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