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Staff Structure

 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” Mark 1:17 

Roles & Responsibilities 2019-2020

Principal: Angela Sarjeant (SEF; SIDP; Safeguarding & Child Protection; DSL; LAC; Catholic Life; Monitoring; Attainment & Pupil Progress; Finance; Admin staff and Teacher appraisal; Communication to parents including newsletters; Curriculum;  Monitoring; Health and Safety; Educational Visits; Pupil Voice.) 

Assistant Principal: Sarah Brown (SEND; DSL; CPD; Safeguarding & Child Protection; Pupil Premium; TA Appraisal; Early Help; Monitoring; Pupil and Parent questionnaire; Curriculum; British Values)

Assistant Prinicpal: Hannah Kellegher (Key stage 2 lead; Maths & English lead; Work Experience & Volunteers; Assessment; Monitoring; Pupil and Parent questionnaire; Data; Curriculum)

Class Teachers & Teaching assistants

Reception Nursia:


Tracy Walker FS Leader

School Council

Mary Stroud

Year 1 Aston:

Kayleigh Davies- PE Subject Leader

Monika Tibbits


Year 2 Hednesford:

Wendy Cooper-

Maths and English Subject Leader

Vera Okeh

Julie Deeming

Year 3 Harvington:

Hannah Foxall


Nicci Haywood

Year 4 Maryvale:

Sneh Nagi (3 days)

Christine Scullion (2 days)


Di Wood

Hollie Purdy

Year 5 Scholastica:

Katie Lockton 

Science and Computing Subject Leader


Ruth Woods

Year 6 Chad:

Sarah Brown (3 days) SEND

Declan Wynne (2 days)



Tania Sammons

Learning Mentor



Ruth Wood


Tania Sammons



Special Needs assistants: Di Wood,Hollie Purdy

School Business Manager: Marilyn Dalton

Admin Assistant: Judith Finelli

Clerk to Academy Committee: Charlotte Aspley

Caretaker: Beryl Warren

Cleaning Staff: Beryl Warren, Zoe

Senior Midday Supervisor: Judith Finelli

Midday Supervisors: Hollie Purdy, Nicci Haywood, Judith Finelli, Vera Okeh, Mrs Skirving

School Cook: Janet Gill

Kitchen Staff: Catherine Richards


Come and meet the staff at our school.

Picture 1 Mrs Sarjeant - Principal
Picture 2 Miss Walker - Nursia
Picture 3 Miss Davies - Aston
Picture 4 Mrs Cooper - Hednesford
Picture 5 Miss Foxall - Harvington
Picture 6 Mrs Kellegher - Maryvale
Picture 7 Miss Lockton - Scholastica
Picture 8 Mrs Brown - Chad
Picture 9 Mr Wynne - Chad
Picture 10 Mrs Dalton - Business Manager
Picture 11 Mrs Finelli - Office
Picture 12 Mrs Stroud - TA Nursia
Picture 13 Mrs Tibbitts - TA Aston
Picture 14 Mrs Okeh - TA Hednesford
Picture 15 Mrs Sammons - TA Harvington
Picture 16 Ms Wood - TA Maryvale
Picture 17 Mrs Haywood - TA Scholastica
Picture 18 Mrs Wood - Learning Mentor
Picture 19 Mrs Purdy 1:1
Picture 20 Mr Field - PE
Picture 21 Mrs Gill - Cook
Picture 22 Mrs Warren - Caretaker