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Ben’s Bistro
We are very proud of our café approach to school meals, with the flexibility of a café and the provision of high quality home grown meals.

In opting out of the County Council catering contracts, (which most schools use) we are able to ensure that our children have delicious, nutritious school meals cooked using locally sources fresh food. We are also able to adapt our menus to suit the tastes of our children and any specific dietary needs.

The children sit in family groups (mixed ages) and support each other with the use of cutlery and cups. They chat and get to know each other in an informal pleasant atmosphere. Hungry children are allowed to ask for seconds, when they have an empty plate and friendly, supportive staff guide them in their choices.



Miss Gill, our Head Cook, sources Ben’s Bistro ingredients from local suppliers wherever possible; our meat comes from Bates Butchers, Atherstone, with fruit and vegetables from The Smithy Farm Shop, Grendon.


Meals cost just £2.20 per day, and like all small businesses we need a good foot-fall to be sustainable, so we encourage parents to take this option for their children and support the Bistro. You know your children will be well looked after and be served healthy, nourishing and tasty home cooked food. What more can you ask?