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The Holy Trinity

When you find yourself struggling, remember this story of the Apostles: Huddled after the death of Jesus, and then empowered by the Holy Spirit to go and share the good news. That same Holy Spirit is a part of you by your Baptism - and someday your Confirmation!

Pentecost Sunday - 31st May 2020

49 days after Jesus had Risen!


This song is beautiful,have a listen...


Marian Prayer Week 2

Marian Prayer Week 1

At St. Benedict's Catholic Academy,  the children are taught traditional Catholic prayers in certain year groups. 

Below is a list of the prayers taught to different year groups. They can be used at home as well as at school to deepen the childrens knowledge of how Christians live and act today.


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Fabulous links to prayer can be found here:

Daily virtual singing sessions from the Diocese of Leeds Schools Singing Programme are now available at 2pm every weekday. Aimed at primary school children every session includes sacred music, RE and music curriculum learning, and lots of vocal fun and songs to keep children engaged in lifting their voices to God.  They're led by the Diocese's expert Choral Directors, and sessions for younger and older children are also available. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel, found at