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Mini Vinnies

St Benedict's Mini Vinnies 2019/2020: 'Turning concern into action.'

A lovely prayer by Jessica Scott Year 1

Mini Vinnies promises:

- Caring for, respecting and loving myself.

- Strengthening my friendship with Jesus by praying each day and talking to others about him.

- Caring for others in my school and social community by befriending those who are alone, needy or in trouble.

- Contributing to the happiness of my family by my willing help, respect, consideration, joy and kindness.

- Caring for, appreciating, enjoying and maturing God’s creation, the environment.

- Treating others the way I would like them to treat me.

A message from the Mini Vinnies team...

We are a group of children who form together to “turn concern into action”

Here is the team to help you along the way:

Reception – Ava

Year 1 – Jessica Scott

Year 2 – Courtney

Year 3 – James

Year 4 – Tristan

Year 5 – Maya (president) Darcey, Victoria, Emily, Joe.

Year 6 – Bella (spiritual leader), Jack, Jessica, Alex, Sophie (Vice president).


We are currently looking at improving 'The Little Den' by creating a prayer focus and mindfulness area for children to access when they feel they need peace and quiet and time to reflect. Also, arranging prayer bags for each class and providing prayer services for each Key Stage. Looking ahead to year coming, we are planning on arranging fundraising within our school to give to local communities and charities.




Compassionate and Loving Spring One 2020

Children at St Benedict's are growing to be ...

Compassionate towards others, near and far, especially the less fortunate; and loving by their just actions and forgiving words.

St Benedict's helps children to grow ...

By being compassionate and loving in the way children are treated, especially when a child is in trouble; and by opening eyes of children to those who suffer poverty, injustice or violence.

The scripture this half term is “Here is the light you will reveal to the nations” Luke 2:32.