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Home Learning at St. Benedict’s


We are delighted that you believe that home work is an important aspect of learning and is highly valued. As a staff, we are always reviewing and evaluating our practice, to ensure the children are getting the very best learning opportunities. For this reason, our home learning will:

  • We will look at making children more independent in their learning at home.

  • We will reduce the amount of recording expected each week

  • We will increase the variety of learning strategies encouraged, ensuring a good balance of skill development

We will continue to provide guidance on home learning for English, Maths and RE but each week, we will ask children to:



  • Talk about…

    One piece of home learning will be discussion based and will require no recording, just a brief comment to outline what you talked about. Talk home learning will be provided to prepare children for the coming week’s learning or to consolidate learning from the previous week.

  • Read about…

    One piece of home learning will be reading or research based. We will endeavour to encourage the children to use a range of reading resources, from the internet to newspapers.  Skills of enquiry are essential when nurturing lifelong learners. Again, we will just ask you (or your child) to make a note of what they have read.

  • Write about…

    Each week, one piece of home learning will be recorded and we will continue to encourage the children to experiment with a range of approaches to recording.


We will also award gold, silver or bronze but this award will be based on completion of the ‘read about’ and ‘talk about’ home learning, along with the quality of the one recorded piece of learning.

Our aim to make home learning less onerous and time consuming for children and families, as this can be very counterproductive. The introduction of more talk/ reading based home learning will allow tasks to be completed on the move, i.e. in the car etc and this will hopefully free up more time to allow for the many other valuable forms of learning that take place at home.

Each term there will be a home learning reward. Each half term they will need mainly gold awards for children to qualify, so please use this treat as an incentive!


Home learning will be set on google classrooms by your child's class teacher each Friday to be completed and submitted by Wednesday of the following week.