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Catholic Schools Pupil Profile

Promoting Values & Virtues in a Catholic School' explores the Catholic Schools Pupil Profile and the ways in which it can be used in the pupils' spiritual, moral, vocational, social and cultural development.


Compassionate & Loving Autumn 1 2018
Faith-filled & Hopeful Autumn 2 2018
Eloquent & Truthful Spring 1 2019
Learned & Wise Spring 2 2019
Curious and Active Summer 1 2019
Intentional & Prophetic Summer 2 2019

Catholic School Pupil Profile Faith-filled and Hopeful What does this mean? Catholic Schools help their pupils grow by passing on the living and the faith-filled  tradition of Jesus Christ; by   having persevering faith in the pupils, and by encouraging them, in turn, to have faith and hope in others. 

Autumn 2 Ordinary Time— Green cloth.

During November, our prayer focus will include pictures of Saints e.g. St. Oscar Romero or St Benedict. We also include a book / basket for people to include the names of those who have died.