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Opportunities for your child to be a leader

Throughout their time at St Benedict's Catholic Academy, we provide lots of opportunities for all children to be a leader, in various different ways:

Agents of Ambition

Each class will have elected two member of  the school council. The council is lead by two 'heads' elected from the Year 6 class.

We have a Worship Team- their role is to evaluate the Catholic Life of the school and work towards its ongoing improvement

As their first taste of recruitment, children are asked to apply for these roles and present to the rest of their class as part of their election campaign. A vote is then held in each class and children are appointed to the roles accordingly. An important part of this role is to ensure all children have an opportunity to contribute their ideas and suggestions. One of the many ways they do this is through a weekly conference which they are responsible for leading. All ‘Agents of Ambition’ then come together each half term to give feedback and share ideas. Lots of fantastic improvements have been made to our school as a result of their hard work!

Mini Vinnies

St Vincent de Paul Society was founded in 1833 by a group of students in Paris. They were challenged to serve the poor of the city and inspired by the example of St Vincent de Paul, they served the local population face to face, as part of their spiritual formation. Children in every year group have the opportunity to join ‘Mini Vinnies’ and lead on serving the local community and social action in the school.