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Year 5 - Scholastica

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Teacher - Miss Gillin

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Chiverton

Year 5



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Autumn 1



Slam Poetry – began in Chicago in 1984. Children will be looking at rhythm, rhyme and other techniques to create types of poetry in intensely emotional styles, being powerful, sincere and moving.

Fiction – Hear and listen well, and I will tell you a tale that has been told for a thousand years and more. Our focus text is ‘Beowulf’. Children will be investigating and writing recounts, reports and their own stories as well as identifying techniques used by the author.


Guided Reading

It is the ultimate tale of chivalry and romance, of evil, magic and betrayal. Our focus text is ‘Arthur High King of Britain’. The children will be comparing versions of the same story, investigating the exciting vocabulary used and debating whether the story is a legend or true.



Place value- Reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers to  1 000 000 and rounding any number to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and 100 000.

Decimals: Identifying the place value of decimals to 3 dp and round them to the nearest whole number and 1 dp.

Addition & Subtraction: Undertake mental calculations with increasingly large numbers and more complex calculations.

Multiplication & Division:  Formal written methods of multiplication and division.



Children will be looking at the Genesis stories of creation as a way of explaining how God created the world. They will be observing how the story is captured in different ways throughout history, especially artwork. Children will also study the Beatitudes of Jesus and understand that they provide a guide for living as a disciple of Christ.



The children will be sailing back to the Dark Ages, where battles were rife and fear reigned. Children will be imagining they have landed on the panoramic beaches of Brancaster in Norfolk and creating diary entries as Saxons, describing how they might have felt as they travelled and viewed the scenes for the first time. The children will also use a range of historical source material to find out about King Arthur, a great leader who fought against the Angles and Saxons. They will learn about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor.



Living Things and Their Habitats – The children will be learning about the process of reproduction, and the life cycles of plants, mammals, amphibians, insets and birds. They will explore reproduction in different plants, including different methods of pollination. The children will have the opportunity to take cuttings from plants, creating clones of parent plants. They will learn about different types of mammals and their different life cycles. Furthermore, the children will learn about Jane Goodall and her work with the now endangered chimpanzees in Africa. They will explore metamorphosis in insects and amphibians, comparing their life cycles. Finally the children will explore the life cycles of birds, and write and star in their own wildlife documentary.