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Year 5 - Scholastica

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Teacher - Miss Lockton

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Chiverton & Mrs Purdy

Year 5



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Tuesday 13th November- Saxon Day

Today we visited St Anne's School were we joined their year 5 class (and Miss Gillin smiley) on a Saxon Day.

Saxon Day by Leshae

On Tuesday morning we went to St Anne’s dressed as Anglo-Saxons where we met a lady who was dressed in old clothes.  She taught us about what they used to wear and what weapons they had.  We found out that the weapon they used the most was the spear.  The most interesting bit was finding out that they ate different food from what we do in the modern days- for example, they ate purple carrots and they didn’t have potatoes because they came from America when Elizabeth I was Queen.  At the end of the day, we acted out the way they buried people in the old times.  Finding graves helps us to learn about what they had in the Anglo-Saxon times.  Even women and children were buried with weapons and shields so we can’t tell if they were all fighting warriors or not.  I really enjoyed the day, learning more about history and meeting the year 5’s from St Anne’s; especially when we will be going on a residential with them in May.


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Friday 19th October 2018

Today we had a visit from Kate Castle, part of the Warwickshire Road Safety Team. We recapped on what we remembered from our year 4 visit and learnt more ways that we can be safe road users.


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Scholastica’s Prayer for Father Paul

Sadly this week, Father Paul passed away after a long illness.  After each creating their own page of remembrance in their RE books, we wrote a prayer to Father Paul as a whole class.


Dear God,

Thank you for blessing us with such a merry and joyful priest- Father Paul.

He was such a special man who was the best priest we could ever ask for.

His laughter made us happy and his stories made us smile.

He would always brighten up the day by singing along to his favourite hymns during Mass.

Father Paul was the kindest and most generous priest who helped many of us through our Catholic journey.

Thank you for caring for him during his time of being sick.

Please look after him in heaven; we know he is now at peace.

And look after those that he has left behind, giving them strength and comfort.

Father Paul will always stay in our thoughts and in our hearts and any sadness at his passing will be replaced with fond memories that will be an everlasting light.


CAFOD- Sister Eleanor visits St Benedict’s

On Wednesday, Scholastica had a visit from Sister Eleanor. She told us all about ‘CAFOD’ and the refugees. She told us a story about us having to leave our homes with nothing. She gave us an activity to choose six items and leave some behind. The first item we had to loose was the heaviest item. The second was to give up the most expensive and then something that was valuable to us. Finally, we had to get rid of everything that would have been destroyed by water on the boat we were travelling on. We eventually got to safety in the refugee camp. At the end of the session we said some prayers for the refugees and people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Written by Isobel

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What is in a name?

Today we have been looking at the origins of place names in Topic.  We have used maps to find place names with Celtic or Anglo-Saxon origin.


aber – river mouth

don – hill

pont – bridge

afon /avon – river

llan – church

porth – harbour

caer – fort

llyn – lake

tre – farm


barrow – wood

field – field

ney – island

bridge – bridge

ford – river crossing

stead/sted – farm

bourne /burnstream

ham/hamm – village

stoc – summer pasture

burgh/bury – fort

hurst – clearing

stow/stowe – holy place

combe - valley

ing – people of

ton/tun – farm/village

cot – small hut

ley/lea/lee/leigh – clearing

wick/wich – farm/dwelling

fall – place cleared of trees

mer/mar/mere – lake

worth – fenced land


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Scholastica's Prayer Service

On Friday 28th September, Scholastica walked to St Benedict's Church to share a prayer service with the local parish.  As we have been learning about the Creation and studying Genesis, we decided to retell this story.  We also sang "Who Put the Colours in the Rainbow," which is one of Miss Lockton's favourite songs from when she was at primary school.

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Homework is given out on a Friday and is due back the following Wednesday.  If your child is absent on a Friday you can find this on our class page instead.

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